Doreen Kennedy | Folding / Unfolding Landscapes
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Folding / Unfolding Landscapes

Folding / Unfolding Landscapes
Photography installation, Exhibited at Samuel Beckett Civic Campus, Ballyogan, August 2017

Folding / Unfolding Landscapes was a temporary outdoor art installation made of folded photographic flower prints. The images in the artwork show details of the local environment in Ballyogan, inspired by the work of the estate management’s gardening, with images of flowers and plants in the area.
While working in Ballyogan, and passing the estate’s planted areas daily, I began to document the flowers in February 2017. During the following months, over 400 individual images were made, edited and assembled into the folded forms that make up the artwork. Each print is different and combined in order of colour and tone. Folding / Unfolding Landscapes reflects the vibrant environment of Ballyogan, creating a temporary landscape and reveals the artist’s connection to the area.

This project was funded by Voluntary Arts Ireland