Grace Alone

Grace Alone follows the story of Grace, across 24 hours in Dublin. At the start of the film, Grace is leaving hospital, we don’t know the circumstances of why she was there. She has very few positions with her. During the day, she makes phone calls to find help, unsuccessfully. It is a story of how anyone can become homeless. The film has no dialog, the only sound is from the streetscape sound of the city.

Grace Alone was filmed, edited and screened in a single weekend as part of Film Network Ireland’s 2020 Vision initiative to raise¬†awareness of homelessness and fundraise for the Peter McVerry Trust. The film was made with cast and crew of 2, Director, Doreen Kennedy and Actress Clare Monnelly.

Grace Alone

Date: December 2019

Running Time: 8:08

Director and Writer: Doreen Kennedy

Grace: Clare Monnelly

Location: Dublin